Wednesday, May 2, 2012

There is a pain that is so pervasive, and so complete it threatens to define your very existence.  No light shines from it.  No joy emanates.  It gobbles up your days by clawing away at your sanity minute by minute.

Thankfully it does not stay forever, but it stays too long.  I try to rise above it, praying and giving thanks to God, but it beats me back into submission, and drives me from my God.  Like a cancer it spreads through my body, destroying pieces of my life one morsel at a time.

Such has been my week, and I am trying to hold on.

I am grateful that my Lord deems me capable of managing this pain, growing my faith with each bout of pain, but I seek relief, if not just for a short time.  It is this that I pray to my Lord, and Savior, and it is in this that I find my solace.